Derrick Monis: Blog en-us (C) Derrick Monis (Derrick Monis) Thu, 14 Jun 2018 05:19:00 GMT Thu, 14 Jun 2018 05:19:00 GMT Derrick Monis: Blog 120 120 [NSFW] My First Trip to Japan! A shoot with Mocoro Mamiya in Tokyo I've been really lacking with the blog posts but I am slowly trying to get this thing going lol

This post is definitely long overdue! I wanted to write about my shoot with Japanese art model, Mocoro Mamiya, of Tokyo :)

I have been following Mocoro on instagram for a while and LOVED her gallery! She definitely mastered her art in posing and self expression using her body. When I messaged her that I was coming to visit Tokyo, she was quick to respond and said that she was excited to do a shoot with me! 

At first, I was a little nervous knowing that I probably won't be able to communicate effectively since my Japanese is pretty limited. Mocoro is really great in English writing and reading! Unfortunately, like most Japanese citizens, her conversational English is very limited because speaking in English isn't regularly practiced in Japan, which I TOTALLY understand! Although communication between us during the shoot was difficult, she definitely did a great job in understanding how I wanted her to pose and express :) It's like she could read my mind! Mocoro is such a sweet person, I'd love to work with her again.

Ever since this experience, I dedicated myself to learning Japanese so that I can at least have a conversation with the locals. I have been practicing and studying since I came back home to Honolulu. I loved this trip and this photoshoot so much that I intend to come visit Japan every year and hopefully work with more Japanese talent like Mocoro!

Equipment used:

Sony A7RIII 

50mm f/1.4 Sony Zeiss Planar

Rotolight Neo II

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A shoot with Sade: First blog post of 2018 Hey guys! I've never did a blog post on my website before, so this will be my first! Reading so many articles about how all photographers should keep a consistent flow of posting blogs about their projects and stuff motivated me to start getting more serious about creating more content for my website :)

For this first blog, I will write about my recent shoot with Sade.

I met Sade (pronounced "Sha-day") through my co-worker Crysta (Instagram Crysta had a recent shoot of Sade and she showed me all of her images from that shoot! When I looked at them, I immediately said, "Wow I'd totally wanna shoot her too!" 

One random day, probably a couple weeks after, I decided to DM Sade's Instagram to ask her if she wanted to do a shoot with me. Sade explained that Crysta's photoshoot was actually her first time being photographed. I've shot inexperienced models before so I told her that she didn't have to worry because I'll carefully direct her through the poses and expressions.

I confirmed with Sade about week before our shoot day. She then told me that Dhyana from @faceartbeauty was doing her make-up for our shoot! I was so stoked because I've never been able to photograph Dhyana's make-up before. I normally work with her only during when we have wedding gigs together - and pretty much all those times, I was shooting video. Not photo.

Finally the day of our scheduled shoot came & Sade actually bought a couple outfits from Victoria's Secret. Unfortunately, she forgot one of them at home so we decided to use one of the outfits I already had in the studio along with the other one-piece she bought. 

Surprisingly, Sade's a natural in modeling! She definitely knew how to move on her own & all I had to do was direct her throughout the expressions I wanted her to convey. One thing I did different for this shoot was to have her focus more on emotion. I'd say directions like, "If you feel beautiful, you'll look beautiful." Overall, I was so satisfied with this shoot & I look forward to capturing more of Face Art Beauty's make-up artistry!

Equipment Used:

Sony A7Riii + Sony Zeiss Planar T* FE 50mm f/1.4

Profoto b1 + 5' Octabox

Window light + V-flats

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